Aletheia University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria was established to nurture graduates to achieve an all-rounded education, the products of the University must also be imbued with the right human attitude that would uphold truth, justice, and fair play at all times, in consonance with the philosophy of truth and openness and in line with the Founder’s own lasting legacy for the education of youths in Nigeria and beyond.


Major Gen. Dr. S.A AWOSANYA


The mission of the Aletheia University, Ago-Iwoye is “to create and nurture the Nigerian of the future in ideals of the modern world truthfully and with the power to maintain the truth and act truthfully with all humanity”


The University was founded with the vision of becoming a world-class institution, providing an ideal learning environment where graduates are equipped with entrepreneurial spirit, professional skills, creative minds, and the right human attitudes.


Aletheia University has a well-earned reputation, both locally and internationally, as an institution providing world-class education. The university's curriculum is developed in close collaboration with industry leaders and professional bodies.

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We offer quality education in various fields, opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery, exposure to diverse cultures and ideas, and extra-curricular activities.

Online Education

Our University offers online education, a mode of learning that transcends geographical limitations and time constraints.

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Aletheia University, Ago-Iwoye is more than just a campus it's a community that shapes minds, inspires innovation, and fosters lifelong connections. Join us and become part of our vibrant academic family.

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Aletheia University prides itself on its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship, and community engagement.

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We strive to inspire students and faculty to pursue knowledge with rigor, curiosity, and integrity, ensuring that everyone reaches their fullest potential.


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